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About us

The company was founded in July 1964 by the businessman and typesetter Manfred Iwan. He originally set up a small workshop for making stamps, supplying retailers in the region. The product range was expanded after just one year to include plates. The business rented new and larger premises, including a shop, so that local customers could also be given comprehensive advice.

For the first few years, the company employed traditional manual typesetting methods; later, a Linotype typesetting machine was purchased, which had special matrices for casting lines of type. This enabled productivity to be increased, and the corresponding production advantages to be passed on to specialised retailers.

Within a few years, this method of production also became outdated, and we switched over to phototypesetting, DTP, film exposure, and polymer. Changing the setting technique opened up free design possibilities, combined with enormous technical possibilities and typographical variety for stamps and plates.

When the German postcodes changed in 1993, this brought about a boom in orders for stamp production. We produced up to 3000 stamps a day, took on more employees, and rented additional premises in the vicinity.

Due to the continual expansion of the business and corresponding extension of the product range, it was also necessary to adapt the premises to these circumstances. Therefore, in 2002, we decided to build a new company building in a central location with favourable transport links and adequate parking spaces for customers, in order to create friendly modern spaces for our customers and employees. This was a step in the right direction, which helped us continue to hold a leading position in the stamp and plate industry.

We now supply hundreds of specialist retailers in Germany.

Since the company was founded nearly 50 years ago, we have developed into a middle-sized company offering stamps, plates, lettering, and advertising technology. This family-run business is now in its second generation and is run by the business graduate, Rainer Iwan.

We attach particular importance to quality, design, and a customer-oriented approach. We produce hundreds of stamps and plates every day to meet the professional requirements of the specialist retail, industry, and craft sectors.