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Advertising technology

Light advertising and pylons -
show your company in the right light.

Light advertising has many faces and offers the opportunity to draw attention to yourself particularly effectively when it is dark. We first offer the traditional light boxes which are labelled using digital print or translucent special film.

Advertising pylons are individually coordinated in different shapes, colours, sizes and materials. Here it is possible to place logos and letters and a film print or also in plastic - of course also illuminated.

Effective light advertising is the result of logical planning. The creation of a light advertising system made of relief letters requires creativity and technical know-how; a well-conceived design plays just as important a role in energy efficiency.

Modern LED light letters with homogeneous and intense lighting and offer major advantages: First, they offer favourable operating costs through reduced power consumption; in addition, a flatter design is to be achieved through more even lighting. Here the service life of high-quality LED systems can be more than 50,000 hours.

We will also be happy to advise you when developing your light advertising and will accompany you from design to assembly, taking the current construction regulations into account. If you'd like, we can of course take over maintenance for your advertising systems.